Monday, April 03, 2017

Escape From New York

They're leaving today:
The number of people leaving the area, which includes parts of New Jersey, Connecticut, the lower Hudson Valley, and Long Island, increased from 187,034 in 2015 to 223,423 in 2016.

The number of international immigrants, on the other hand, decreased from 181,551 to 160,324 over the same period, records show.

Experts say people are leaving the area due to the improving economy, an increase in jobs in cheaper places to live, and because retirees are seeking warmer climates.

“The historical trend is that out migration grows when economy is getting better,” said Empire Center for Public Policy research director E.J. McMahon. “As the economy gets better there are more jobs outside the region and by the same token . . . more people to buy your house if you’re a baby boomer looking to move to Boca Raton or Myrtle Beach.”

Americans who choose to relocate are increasingly moving to Florida, Texas, and the Northwest from the Rust Belt and the eastern U.S.
Where the weather is warmer, and the taxes are lower...

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