Sunday, April 30, 2017

Fly The Hungry Skies

In North Korea, airline food eats you:
Described by the Los Angeles Times “as always served cold, and always on a paper doily,” the Koryo burger is composed of a bun, “a piece of unidentified meat, a slice of processed cheese, a dash of shredded cabbage or a lonely lettuce leaf, and a dollop of sweet, brown sauce.”

No one is quite sure what the meat in the burger is. Some speculate it’s pork, others say beef. Most are too scared to find out.

Bloomberg reported in February 2016 the Koryo burger could soon be phased out. North Korea’s dictator, Kim Jong Un, has said he wants tourism in the extremely isolated nation to skyrocket to 20 million per year by 2020, infusing the nation with much-needed foreign cash. As part of those efforts, North Korea began giving a facelift to Air Koryo, which has historically been ranked the worst airline in the world.
So there's something that Delta can be thankful for...

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