Thursday, April 06, 2017

Franco Is Still Dead

Don't make fun of a dead dictator's flunkies:
Vera wrote 13 posts on Twitter between the years of 2013 and 2016 making light of the assassination of Admiral Luis Carrero Blanco, who was killed in a car bomb attack in 1973 carried out by the ETA, a group supporting the national liberation movement. Blanco was the prime minister of Francisco Franco’s dictatorship.

In the attack, Blanco’s car was blown over the roof of a church where he had just attended mass. Vera reportedly tweeted out remarks such as ““ETA combined a policy against the use of official vehicles with a space programme,” and “Did Carrero Blanco also go back to the future with his car?”

Although she was sentenced to the year-long jail term, Vera is not expected to actually serve the term because those in Spain convicted of a non-violent crime with a sentence less than two years are usually not imprisoned.
If you can't offend a dead dictator, whom can you offend?

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