Thursday, April 13, 2017

Le Panic

CNN is worried, mon ami:
The piece, which was written by David A. Andelman, claims that French media is behaving much like U.S. media did in the run-up to the election, “effectively baptising one of the two leading candidates the winner even before the first ballot is cast”.

French newspaper Le Monde asked readers: “What would the first months of an Emmanuel Macron presidency look like?” which Andelman said evoked U.S. media who claimed that Hillary Clinton could not lose. Some outlets like the Huffington Post gave her a 98.2 per cent chance to win on election day.

Andelman claims the two front runners, Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron, are both “alarming”. Le Pen because she wants to remove France from the European Union and the euro, as well as tackle Islamisation, and Macron because “he has no party machine behind him to back him in any tough battle in the National Assembly”.
Le democracy sucks when the other side wins, oui?

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