Sunday, April 09, 2017

Payment Options

Paying students to graduate early?
Under the program, which is administered by the Idaho Department of Education, students who graduate early get a $1,500 scholarship to use at a state post-secondary school for every year skipped. A student who graduates two years early would get $3,000, enough to cover one full year of college at some state schools and about 40 percent of the cost of a full-time student’s first year at the University of Idaho.

To help students graduate more quickly, students in grades 7 through 12 are given $4,125 in an online account that can be used to pay for “overload courses”—extra high school classes—and courses at a college that offers dual credits, which count toward a high school diploma and a college degree. Students can also use the funds the cover Advanced Placement tests—which can provide them with additional college credits—other college exams and even to obtain a professional certification.

The program was developed in reaction to a report issued by the state’s Task Force for Improving Education, which published 20 recommendations to improve Idaho’s education system in September 2013.
School with benefits?

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