Sunday, April 30, 2017

Skipper Sinks ESPN

Who killed ESPN?
ESPN’s management and apologists consistently claim that the network’s financial troubles have nothing to do with its leftward lurch, insisting that subscriber cord-cutting isn’t ideological. But a number of surveys in recent years have clearly debunked this claim as a vast majority of its viewers expressed their displeasure with the politicization of sports programming. ESPN’s bottom line is being hurt by lower ratings and reduced advertising revenue as sports fans abandon its non-live sports shows in massive numbers.

Ticking off your customer base is never a good idea, whatever business you are in.

So Skipper decided to make a move that was purely window dressing to placate parent company Disney’s antsy shareholders. He shed some of ESPN’s most valuable assets – journalists who actually do their jobs by reporting on sports, with the vast majority of them never wading into politics in any shape or form. This only serves to make a sports fan want to watch ESPN’s programming or visit its website even less.
Going down with the ship isn't what viewers want...

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