Thursday, April 20, 2017

Small Spaces And Smaller Minds

Because tiny houses are offensive, or something:
From dumpster diving to trailer-themed bars to haute cuisine in the form of poor-household staples, it’s become trendy for those with money to appropriate the poverty lifestyle  -- and it troubles me for one simple reason. Choice.


It’s likely, from where I sit, that this back-to-nature and boxed-up simplicity is not being marketed to people like me, who come from simplicity and heightened knowledge of poverty, but to people who have not wanted for creature comforts. For them to try on, glamorize, identify with.
While it's true that hipster poverty seems to be a thing with some people, what are people who don't live in rich liberal enclaves like San Francisco supposed to do if things get tough? Apologize for "income appropriation?"

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