Sunday, April 09, 2017

Speaking Jive

Because English is hard, or something:
To avoid any hurt feelings some people may feel by attempting to speak standard, correct English, Gallagher wants to eradicate the stigma associated with Ebonics — or African–American Vernacular English, a nonstandard dialect of English spoken by some black people.

“I want to center the voices of the people who need to be centered,” Gallagher, a participant in the UW-Madison writing fellows program, told The Daily Cardinal. “As a white-passing person, I have a lot of power and privilege that should be shared.”

Ultimately, she explained, she wants to expand her research and eventually create a nonprofit group which urges teachers across the United States “to be more accepting” and to present their classes with disclaimers urging students to speak using the language which makes the students most comfortable.
Up next: Reading, writing, and arithmetic are all racist because you need to use your brain while studying them...

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