Friday, April 07, 2017

Tax Codes Are Hard

The average taxpayer knows the feeling:
"Actually, I do get a refund myself. And what I usually do is then figure out how much of it I can use to start paying my estimated taxes for the next year, as that goes. So I'm just like everybody else – confused a little by the tax code. I do not do my own tax return, even though I went to law school and took tax courses, but the code, compared to when I was in law school, is phenomenally more complex and more difficult to understand,” Koskinen said during a National Press Club luncheon on Wednesday.

“My life is fairly simple. You become the IRS Commissioner and you give up a lot of stuff and get rid of a lot of stuff, so I'm a relatively simple economic being – but the annual return is still much more complicated than it needs to be,” he added.

Koskinen was asked if he thinks tax reform will be more difficult to accomplish than healthcare reform for the GOP-led Congress.

“I think it is. As someone noted, healthcare reform, as people have discovered, is complicated but you're dealing with a segment of the economy – the insurance companies and companies providing healthcare. When you're talking about tax reform, you're dealing with everybody in the economy and, so, it is complicated,” he said. “We haven't done significant tax reform, as everybody knows, in over 30 years, and as you know, we don't have, as I said, a dog in the fight of healthcare, we don't have a dog in the fight of what goes on in tax policy.”
And if he did, they wouldn't have much bite...

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