Monday, April 03, 2017

The Long Fight

The fight ahead:
On the one hand, Senate Republican leaders are promising a speedy confirmation. On the other, Senate Democrats are telling their left-wing base they’ll keep the “extremist” Gorsuch from ever reaching the bench. We’ll find out today, when the Senate Judiciary Committee votes on whether to pass Gorsuch on to the full Senate for consideration, just how strong Democratic Party opposition is to Gorsuch’s confirmation.

While this might appear to be nothing more than another case of extreme political partisanship on the part of one or both of these Senate leaders, don’t be fooled; Democrats know Gorsuch will be America’s next Supreme Court justice, and frankly, they don’t care. This week’s struggle is nothing more than a small skirmish in the larger war for control of the Supreme Court and a prelude to a far more important battle — one that will likely be fought later in Trump’s first term.
There are plenty of windmills left for them to tilt at...

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