Sunday, May 07, 2017

Back To The Woods, Mrs. Clinton

Go away, he said:
“Hey, Hillary Clinton, shut the f— up and go away already,” wrote Gersh Kuntzman, a columnist at the New York Daily News, in a column earlier this week.

“I voted for Clinton on Nov. 8 and thought she’d be a good president,” he explained. “But she lost. And she still wants us to feel bad about that. And, worse, she’s still blaming everyone else.”

In an interview earlier this week, Clinton said she takes “absolute” responsibility for her loss to President Donald Trump. But during the same interview, Clinton said she would be president if it weren’t for a myriad of reasons, such as: Russian meddling and FBI Director James Comey sending a letter to Congress just days before the election.

“If the election had been on Oct. 27, I would be your president,” she declared.

During the interview, Clinton also announced that she is writing a book about her 2016 loss, which she said is “painful” to relive.

But Kuntzman disagrees with Clinton — adamantly. His column, titled, “Hillary Clinton shouldn’t be writing a book — she should be drafting a long apology to America,” lays out the reasons why Clinton lost the election, despite her failure to admit even one.

“Boo hoo,” he wrote. “Simon & Schuster may want Hillary Clinton to write the history, but I’m not about to let her re-write it. No one deserves more blame for the election debacle than Hillary Rodham Clinton.”
But if it weren't for the blame game, she wouldn't be able to make a living...

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