Friday, May 12, 2017

Cutting Off The Gravy Train

Even Jerry Brown agrees college corruption is bad:
In his latest budget proposal for California’s 2017-2018 fiscal year, Brown said the money will only be released when UC makes progress in fixing its financial problems in addition to meeting other conditions set by his office, The San Francisco Chronicle reported.

Brown said he wants more transparency and financial reporting from the school system. He also criticized administrators' salaries as being too high.

“I put the $50 million (the amount he is withholding) in there to hold their feet to the fire,” Brown said.

A state audit found that under university system President Janet Napolitano, former Department of Homeland Security chief, UC administrators hid $175 million from the public while increasing tuition and asking the state for more money.

The UC Board of Regents in January voted to increase in-state tuition and fees by $336 next academic year. Some lawmakers called for a reversal of the tuition hike in the wake of the audit.
No more free ride for you...

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