Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Give Yoga A Chance

Berkeley has its own unique way of dealing with the violence it has created:
In an email dated April 20, Downtown Berkeley Association CEO John Cainer come up with a genius idea to stop the violence—have “quiet conversations” with the radical anarchists and ask them to stop committing violence.

He shared his idea to Mayor Jesse Arreguin and his chief of staff Brandi Campbell, writing “Do you think there is a possibility of having quiet conversations with leftist activist groups to see is they would be willing to stand down and not show up for May 2 and/or other events?”

“I know it is probably a long shot, but there would seem to be little risk in quietly doing so,” he added.

In an email chain, received by multiple council members and the Mayor, City of Berkeley volunteer Commissioner Phoebe Anne Sorgen suggested starting a peace force to stop the violence with things like “bubbles” “singing,” and “laughter yoga”.

“Envision Wavy Gravy, bubbles, singing, laughter yoga! Occupella. Buddhist Peace Meditators. Fencing with sponge noodles,” she wrote. “Will Edwin set up the Empathy tent? How about a volleyball game in the middle of the park and/or a square dance? Will Code Pink pls bring peace symbol cookies to pass out, and daisies”.

Interestingly, the commissioner’s suggestions for an “Empathy Tent” was actually realized at a protest at UC Berkeley on April 27.
Sadly, the rest could actually happen...

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