Wednesday, May 10, 2017

How Soon They Forget

Democrats protest too much:
Said Hoekstra on Trump firing Comey, Democrats “are now in a very awkward position. They have a President that they don’t like who did exactly what they wish their president, President Obama, had done months ago and that is fire James Comey. And now it’s kind of like, well, what are we supposed to do now? How are we supposed to react to this?”

Hoekstra continued to mock the Democrats, adding, “We don’t like anything that Donald Trump does. That’s our standard operating procedure and he’s now done exactly what we’ve been asking for for months. So, we have to now come up with a rationale why we don’t like this decision and why all of a sudden James Comey is our hero.”

Hoekstra also said he felt Comey had become a distraction for the FBI and a liability to its reputation and the firing was appropriate. He also said Obama would have fired Comey before Hillary Clinton took office had she won in November, allowing her to pick her own director.
And presumably then fire him (or her) as well...

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