Monday, May 08, 2017

Slow Ride

The ultimate slow experience?
Rune Moklebust and Thomas Hellum are the brains behind the whole thing.

"Did you know where this journey would lead, how successful it would be?" asked Doane.

"No idea at all," said Moklebust. "It's normally one of those ideas you get late night after a couple of beers in the bar, and when you wake up the next day, Ahh, it's not a good idea after all."

But much to their surprise, there was a green light from their bosses at Norway's public broadcaster NRK2.

"We actually like it being a bit strange and a bit crazy, because then it's more fun," said Moklebust.

Hellum added, "If the viewers laugh, or think, Wow, this is too crazy, that's basically the kind of reaction you really want from the viewers."
What a long, slow trip it's been...

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