Monday, May 08, 2017

Taxed For Their Privilege

Because drinking soda is racist, or something:
Murray, a progressive Democrat, first proposed the soda tax in February, estimating that the additional revenue would amount to $16 million in its first year, which he said the city could then put toward a number of things, namely public education for low-income children. Since revising the plan to include diet drinks, Murray said that revenue would increase to $23 million.

He also said the tax would work as a deterrent and force consumers to make healthier choices.

“Healthy kids get better educations and are more likely to have a brighter future,” Murray said.

Murray was not clear as to how the tax would be able to both stop consumers from drinking sodas, and also at the same time raise revenue from the purchases of soda. Logically, if people do not purchase soda, the city cannot collect tax on the purchase of soda.
As economic reality has shown, logic and liberalism don't mix...

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