Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Tell It To The Feminists

What's really "toxic" about today's PC culture:
No, the Marines being a "historically macho club" is not the reason why Marines have concerns regarding women in their ranks. After all, there have been female Marines since 1918, and while it would be foolish to claim there are never any problems, the problems that have occurred were not due to the Marine Corps culture that emphasizes honor. They were due to lapses in honor.

I've spoken with numerous soldiers and Marines on the topic of women in combat, and universally they express the same concerns. They don't give a crap about "macho," they want to know that all of their comrades can perform physically in combat. Can a female Marine carry her 250 lb. comrade to safety while under fire? Can she do every aspect of the job?

If so, great. No worries.

However, those same Marines recognize that the vast majority of fit women are still weaker and slower than the average man -- let alone a Marine. Since male Marines may pay the price of this social experiment with their lives, it's understandable that they have concerns.

Not that Vox worries about that.
Social engineering...it can literally be a killer...

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