Wednesday, June 21, 2017

A Fool And Their Money

Now he tells us:
In an interview Tuesday, NPR’s Rachel Martin asked Ossoff whether or not the amount of money spent during the campaigns — more than $56 million between both candidates’ campaigns and their supporters — disturbed him.

“The role of money in politics is a major problem and particularly the role of unchecked anonymous money,” Ossoff replied. “There have been super PACs in Washington who have been putting up tens of millions of dollars of attack ads on air for months now. When you have that kind of an environment, it’s necessary to raise the resources to fight back.”

Ossoff’s campaign raised at least $24 million, with 65 percent of the funds coming from small donations of $200 or less, according to He also received support from many Hollywood celebrities, including Samuel L. Jackson, Chelsea Handler, and George Takei, who led their fans and followers in supporting and donating Ossoff’s.

According to the New York Times, most of Ossoff’s itemized contributions came from large Democratic states, with just 14 percent coming from within Georgia. Handel’s in-state itemized fundraising was at 56 percent.
Will the real reformer please stand up?

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