Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Don't Help Us, Please

You shouldn't try to save those who don't need to be saved:
The reversal came after state lawmakers spoke with the workers whose wages the November referendum tried to raise. Many of the workers they talked with said they didn’t support raising the minimum wage because it would have the opposite effect and, in fact, lower their take-home pay.

Critics of a higher minimum wage for tipped workers argued that, if wages increased, prices would go up and customers would spend more but tip less.

Other critics argued that customers simply won’t tip if they know that servers already are paid minimum wage.

“The message we are hearing from servers is, ‘Thanks for trying to help us, but you’re not helping us; you’re hurting us, please don’t do this to us,” state Sen. Roger Katz, a Republican from Augusta, told the Portland Press Herald.
Real wage earners know better than wage hikers...

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