Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Favors For A Friend

It's favors all around:
According to a May 10, 2010, email obtained and published by Judicial Watch, Abedin told Doug Band, a Bill Clinton aide who formerly headed the foundation, that she “hooked up” people who recommended Trump to the “right people” at the State Department.

Trump had apparently recommended that Abedin connect Russian American Foundation Vice President Rina Kirshner with people at the State Department.

Abedin wrote to Kirshner on Mon, May 10, 2010, at 9:41 PM, “Hi Rina – wanted to connect on meeting at state department. Eddie trump passed on your email. Will be in touch soon.”

According to Judicial Watch, the Russia American Foundation was staffed by Clinton political supporters and operatives, received more than $260,000 in grants for “public diplomacy” from the Clinton State Department, and its leadership was supportive of former President Barack Obama’s Russia policies.

Another email, two days later, showed that Abedin forwarded Trump’s name and information for inclusion on the guest list for a State dinner, even though he missed the cut-off time to RSVP, and only spouses, not guests, were allowed.
You might not be able to pick your relatives, but Hillary knew how to pick her friends...

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