Friday, June 09, 2017

Freedom Of Disinformation

The media are their own worst enemy-and America's?
“The media really took it on the nose,” he went on, pointing out that Trump was not lying about the three times he claims Comey told him he personally was not under investigation. “How come that didn’t leak out? That is an interesting question because enough people knew on Capitol Hill, and it tells me that it was the media. And this was really the chilling part, that they have their narrative agenda, that Trump is in collusion, Trump is this, and Trump is that, and he’s under investigation. They did not want to challenge that narrative.”

“They weren’t reporting facts,” continued Caddell. “They were reporting sources who would give them statements that would contribute to their anti-Trump narrative. This is not a press. This is a propaganda machine. It’s full speed against the president.”

Caddell said he could turn to almost any network and predict its coverage, “If Trump walked on water, they’d say he couldn’t swim.”

“They are so negative, as they were in the campaign,” he went on. “They haven’t let up, and they have invested themselves in a political result, not in telling the truth, and that is a danger to democracy.”
When it's all about you, it's no longer about the truth...

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