Thursday, June 01, 2017

Honesty In Media

It was just a slip of the tongue:
Baquet, who took over The Times’ top spot in 2014, was delivering a critique of liberals who recently criticized him for hiring Bret Stephens, a moderately conservative columnist who has questioned theories about man-made climate change.

“I don’t understand how one can actually have an intellectual discourse in this country if you cannot have the opportunity to read thoughtful people with whom you disagree. We’re at a moment in the country right now which I think, you know, the Left should do some soul searching too, right?” Baquet said.

He then began referring to “the Left” as “we” before catching his slip-up.

“We don’t want to hear anything — we’ve long said this about this about the Right — but I think the Left, we don’t — I’m not ‘we,’ I’m a journalist — but the Left as a rule does not want to hear thoughtful disagreement,” he said, to slight laughter from his liberal audience.
A little self-examination is always therapeutic...

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