Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Not Their Party Anymore

As Democrats abandon middle America, middle America dumps them:
MOULTON: Look, a lot of the things they say about her are not true, and they’re not fair, but they’re nonetheless effective. And I think people look at our party right now as really out of touch with most of America. And when you have a party leadership that is out of touch with the rest of the country, then that’s a real problem for the entire party.

SIEGEL: Out of touch because she’s from San Francisco and her number two is from just outside Washington, D.C.? Is that the problem – geographical?

MOULTON: Well, some people – some people say that. But look, the question is – what do we do to fix this? What do we do to show that we are a big tent party that wants to include everybody in America?

SIEGEL: Well, who doesn’t feel – who today doesn’t feel they have a place under the tent?

MOULTON: Well, I think we need to show people that they have a place in the Democratic Party whether they come from San Francisco or St. Louis. Clearly, if you look at the congressional map, we’re doing very well on the coasts and we’re not doing very well in vast swaths of the country, even despite having policies that are very good for a lot of folks that we think should be voting for us yet consistently choose to vote for Republicans.
The question is, does "flyover country" still want a place with the Blues?

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