Saturday, June 17, 2017

Red Meanies

Whatever happened to R&R?
As it stands, the House-passed healthcare bill made major concessions to Obamacare. Though true that the bill repealed much of the taxes in Obamacare, it also left the law's regulatory infrastructure intact at the national level, and only allowed for limited waivers for states from some of the law's costly mandates. It delayed until the year of the next presidential election any roll back of the law's Medicaid expansion and subsidies. And then it replaced Obamacare's tax credit subsidy scheme with a new tax credit subsidy scheme.

Though the contents of the Senate bill remain shrouded in mystery, every indication is that it will preserve even more of Obamacare than the House bill does.

Senators have balked at even the very limited regulatory waivers in the House-passed bill, and want to preserve Obamacare's provision that drives up premiums on young and healthy individuals by forcing them to pay the same price for insurance as those with much higher medical costs. They fear the backlash from repealing Obamacare's Medicaid expansion, and want to spread out the rollback of the expansion over so many years, that it raises serious doubts about whether future Congresses would actually allow repeal to be implemented. Tax credits, meanwhile, are moving much more closely toward the type of income-based subsidies that exist under Obamacare.
Here to stay, the Republican way?

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