Friday, June 30, 2017

The Pronoun Police

They are here:
The chart provided by the police in Halton — which is just south of Toronto — included tips for using newfangled pronouns such as “ze-hir-hir,” “ze-zem-zir” and “ey-eir-em” in sentences. (You know, in case you’re ever in the mood to observe that “Ze went to the store to buy hirself a hat. I saw him wearing hir hat today,” as one example notes.)

While the tweet didn’t note consequences for failing to use preferred pronouns, it comes after the Canadian Senate passed bill C-16, which would prohibit discrimination against transgenders and protect them against hate speech and hate crimes, the Globe and Mail reported.

But just exactly what constitutes “discrimination” and “hate speech” has many folks worried about free speech disappearing. The bill still must be approved by the governor general before becoming law.
This being Canada, at least they'll be polite about enforcing this nonsense...

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