Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Time Off

They're only not doing their jobs:
House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy announced Wednesday that the House would no longer be expected to hold votes this Friday, cutting their work week short and allowing lawmakers to head home early for the week-long Independence Day recess.
This is the second time this month McCarthy has canceled a planned Friday session. At the start of the year, House leaders had anticipated spending this time period advancing a tax overhaul, but now they're not expecting such legislation to start moving until the fall.
House Republicans have also moved back an already delayed timetable for advancing a fiscal 2018 budget resolution and appropriations bills. Intraparty squabbling over using the budget reconciliation process to push cuts to mandatory spending continues to hold up an agreement on a budget resolution. House leaders also plan on using the reconciliation process to push their tax overhaul.
Congress-it's good non-work if you can get it...

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