Friday, June 30, 2017

Who Killed Illinois?

The Illinois death spiral continues:
After two years without a budget, many people who depend on state services — public university students, drug addicts, troubled teenagers, the elderly — have already felt the repercussions.

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mjb 1 hour ago
It is really too bad that state governments cannot go into receivership.Reagan started this with his anti-government ideology mantras. ...
You Got It Wrong 1 hour ago
Typical. You say Madigan objects to the "budget" being attached to Rauner's proposals. Wrong. A balanced budget here cannot be written...
Tim Garibaldi 1 hour ago
What's interesting about the level of dysfunction is that we are also there in the US Congress. One would hope that once the dysfunction...
But perhaps the most peculiar part of this endless budget standoff has been the opposite: Life has gone on uninterrupted for many residents. Because of court orders and other stopgap measures, state workers were paid. Schools opened. Prisons functioned. Roads were built. After a while, some people seemed to grow inured to the risks and consequences of a budget deadlock.

“This impasse has been very cleverly designed to minimize the immediate obvious impact on middle-class families that don’t have a need for state-funded social services,” said Andrea Durbin, the chief executive of the Illinois Collaboration on Youth, an association for providers of youth and family services.

“The people who get impacted are the people who are sick, who need the support from the state to be safe and healthy and get back on their feet and become self-sufficient, or to live their final days in dignity,” Ms. Durbin said.
Too bad the same can't be said for the state...

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