Thursday, June 01, 2017

Who Likes Least

Should it actually be against the law to like someone?
The court convicted the 45-year-old Swiss man of several counts of defamation this week, saying that “liking” the Facebook posts was not only an indirect endorsement of the comments, but also helped spread the libelous content even further on the website.

Animal rights activist Erwin Kessler sued the defendant, and over a dozen others, after another social media user in 2015 posted claims that Kessler was anti-semitic, racist, and fascist. The defendant, who “liked” six comments regarding the claims, was the only person convicted for simply “liking” comments made by others.

“The defendant clearly endorsed the unseemly content and made it his own,” the court said in its decision, adding that the defendant couldn’t prove that the claims waged against Kessler were true. It also said that “liking” the comments made them accessible to more Facebook users, which was “an affront to [Kessler’s] honor,” according to the BBC.
A duel, then? Dislikes at twenty paces?

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