Friday, July 07, 2017

Fake News Gets Sort Of Real

They're just jealous they didn't think of this first:
Maddow was sent the document on June 7, two days after The Intercept published its report. McDaniel did not say when BuzzFeed received its forgery.

Maddow noted on her show that the document she received appeared to be based on the document leaked to The Intercept.

McDaniel said that the tipster initially accidentally sent a copy of The Intercept document. After the outlet followed up, the person sent the same document that was given to Maddow.

He said that BuzzFeed will not publish the document “because we don’t want anyone to manipulate it further.”

McDaniel’s characterization of the forgery is notably different from Maddow’s.

Whereas McDaniel said that the document was “not a well done forgery,” Maddow called it “a fairly convincing fake.”

“Somebody, for some reason, appears to be shopping a fairly convincing fake NSA document that purports to directly implicate somebody from the Trump campaign in working with the Russians in their attack in the election,” Maddow said.

“This is news,” she said, “because: why is someone shopping a forged document of this kind to news organizations covering the Trump-Russia affair?”
Because before CNN's meltdown you would have accepted it?

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