Thursday, July 27, 2017

Panning For Dollars

Don't feed the panhandlers?
“We want to illustrate that there are better ways to help the transient population than to give them money for panhandling,” the department’s Facebook post reads. “This person collected $234.94 in just a few hours of asking for money. Rather than feeding someone’s alcohol addiction, you can donate directly to local charities such as the Comea Shelter where your money will assist the homeless in a much more effective way.”

The post, which got more than 38,000 shares and 28,000 reactions, attracted comments from people who thought the police overstepped their authority.

“Just when I think this place can’t get any more backward. I will give MY money to whoever I please. You’re seriously telling us, like we’re children, how we should treat people?” one woman wrote.

“Public shaming, nice. Cheyenne Police Department should be ashamed of themselves,” another woman said. “What they do with their money is none of your business and Addiction isn’t a punchline in a Facebook post. Awful.”

The post also drew comments from people supporting the police department’s actions.

“It’s funny, everyone wants to attack the pd for trying to raise awareness for severe alcoholism, and the publics accidental enabling. Everyone freaks out thinking they stole his money,” another commenter wrote.
Liberals always want to increase dependency, not end it...

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