Friday, July 07, 2017

Silicon Valley, WTF?

Seriously, WTF?
WTF, which currently has six employees and “additional backing” from former Walt Disney Studios Chairman, Jeffrey Katzenberg, and venture capitalists Fred Wilson and Sunil Paul, is reportedly Pincus’ solution to a Democratic Party that is “already moving too far to the left.”

According to Recode, Pincus wants the group to be “pro-social, pro-planet, and pro-business.”

“I just don’t feel respected in the political process as a large donor or as a citizen voter,” expressed Pincus in an interview. “I just feel patronized. Everything I get is like, ‘Hey, you couldn’t possibly, it’s too complex and sophisticated what really goes on,’ and ‘Hey, leave it to us, and we will go and represent you and fight the good fight, and just give us money.’”

In their article, Vanity Fair remained unconvinced with the group’s pitch.

“While the Democratic Party may be in need of reform, the Silicon Valley vision for a millennial-friendly upgrade seems fatally flawed,” proclaimed writer Maya Kosoff. “At a time when the culture seems fed up with Silicon Valley navel-gazing, Win the Future brings to the table the worst aspects of the tech industry: the arrogance to think that politics can be ‘hacked’; the hubris to think that they are the one to overhaul it; and a total misunderstanding of the system they’re trying to disrupt.”
Who wants nerd money? Anyone?

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