Saturday, August 05, 2017

Not Ready For Fun Time

SNL performers make a shocking confession:
Le Batard: Who do you most delight in upsetting? When you say the extremes on the far right and the far left, never mind politics, just in general...

Le Batard: ... the people that you most like upsetting. Liberals.

Jost: Yeah, liberals are the most fun to upset because they get so ... they think they're very much above it, and then they get so upset.

Che: Liberals are more conservative than conservatives, because liberals get offended on behalf of people that's not even watching.

[Studio explodes in laughter]

Jost: Yeah, they get ... if you're liberal and then you say one thing that's not, like, in the liberal agenda, they turn on you so fast. Like when Elon Musk met with Trump, and they were like, "You're outta here." And he's like, "No, it's about clean energy," And they're like, "No, kill yourself."

Che: Yeah, they're always fun to ruffle.

Jost: Yeah.
Those who deserve to be triggered, get got...

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