Friday, August 04, 2017

Southern Fried Outrage

The South won't rise again?
There's no series of scripts, no actors have been hired, nothing. It's merely the premise — that the Confederate States of America seceded from the union successfully — that riles them up.

Amazon Prime was able to film "The Man in the High Castle," where the Nazis won, and there wasn't all that outrage, but the idea that the South managed a win somehow? That's the abomination? Don't get me wrong, slavery is something I wish we could make un-exist, but it did exist. It happened, and it's not off-limits because it makes people feel a little uncomfortable.

It's not like this team is going to show slavery in a positive light. I promise that it'll show all the horrors of slavery as normal, and it'll show the callous nature of white folks in the Confederacy.

In other words, the odds of this portraying the South as sympathetic are practically nil.
History did happen, even if alternate history isn't allowed...

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