Monday, September 11, 2017

Clown Shoes

Clown lives matter?
It, about a group of misfit kids who band together to battle an amorphous killer spirit that frequently takes the guise of "Pennywise" the clown, tapped into something primal among moviegoers who, after spending all summer avoiding the cinema, crept back into theaters to experience the murderous carnival act first hand.

In Canada, though, non-murderous clowns banded together for a clown protest march outside a number of theaters showing the thriller, because, they say, clowns deserve to be treated with all the respect owed to a profession full of accomplished balloon-animal makers and jugglers.

"We feel that this has done great harm in the business of clowning and for clowns," an entertainer who goes by the name Dottie The Clown told Vice News. "A number of clown clubs have actually folded due to the negativity surrounding it."

"You need to remember that clowns are people too."
Even the evil ones?

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