Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Radical Fashion Fail

It's the fashion statement rioters haven't been waiting for:
The olive green jacket, which is posed with designer distressed jeans and Doc Marten boots – a symbol of punk fashion – features a bold “Revolution” printed across the front, along with a sloppy anarchy symbol and other “edgy” phrases and quips.

Angelyn Fernandez, VP of Product at Alpha Industries, said in an e-mailed statement to the Daily Dot, “We have seen resistance to power and authority become a trend in our current pop culture and society, often expressed through fashion,” she said.

However, that attempt to capitalize on the pop culture “trend” of resistance to power is what has many outraged on Twitter. Some have questioned if the jacket is fake because of its bizarrely high-price tag (members of the Antifa movement are usually against capitalism), and over-the-top look.

The commercialized jacket tries very hard to look authentically anarchist, while also costing nearly $400 and being mass-produced, but is not winning any fans.
You can't blame capitalists for trying...

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