Friday, January 12, 2018

The Heretic

The left just can't stand Mike Rowe:
It's simple. Rowe doesn't play by the left's rules. He questions things that don't make sense to him. The high cost of college, often for degrees that will never result in jobs that can pay down the debt, is an example. He questions things and he wants answers, and that apparently scares people.

It scares them because they don't want people asking questions. They want people to accept matters on faith, which is funny because these same people tend to be very down on any religion not called Islam.

But is that a reason to call for Rowe to be fired from a voiceover gig he's held for years? After all, Rowe's got a pretty good voice for that kind of work. Why should he be fired so some scientist who may not be cut out for the job can do it?

That answer is simple. Rowe fails to bow and scrape at the Church of Holy Leftism. He's a heretic, an apostate -- because he dares to ask questions of his betters when he should know his place as an entertainer is to adhere to the orthodoxy.
Rowe's a rebel; they'll just have to deal with it...

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