Thursday, January 11, 2018

The Weather Underground

Iran's warm revolution?
Protesters have cited inflation, the regime’s egregious human rights record, and its decision to allocate valuable resources to exporting terrorism and fighting unnecessary wars in Syria, Iraq, and Libya, instead of focusing on their population at home as the reasons for their uprising.

The Scientific American argues instead that the protesters are reacting to “a severe drought, mismanaged water resources and dust storms.”

“While the protests are largely driven by resistance to the country’s hardline conservative government, such environmental factors might have contributed to the largest protests inside Iran in years,” the publication argues.

Islamist Iranian clerics have made similar arguments of a correlation between Iran’s political climate and the earth’s. In 2016, one such cleric claimed that “immorality” among young Iranian women, stemming from dressing “improperly,” was resulting in climate change and causing Iran’s rivers and dams to run dry.
So Gaia doesn't like them, either?

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