Friday, June 24, 2016

Dropped Drawers

When furniture becomes dangerous:
There have been several lawsuits filed against IKEA involving their design of their MALM dresser. According to the CPSC, tip-overs of furniture, appliances and TVs cause roughly 25,400 annual injuries.

In reaction to the lawsuits, IKEA has reportedly made free kits available to mount the dressers to the wall. Casey said the CPSC should recall IKEA’s MALM dresser due to the deaths that have occurred.

“Whether it’s legislation or action or otherwise, I want to eliminate the possibility that a child could be injured or killed, so that means stop the manufacturing. I don’t care how the hell they do it. I want them to take every step necessary,” he told PJM on a conference call. “They have decisions to make when it comes to their product but I hope they would take steps absent legislation, absent any other activity and make sure that when these things go out the door they are safe. Simple as that.”
Except that when you're a politician with a cause, nothing is ever simple...

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