Monday, June 20, 2016

When In Rome

Viva change:
Virginia Raggi's triumph in Rome made her the first female leader of the capital since it was founded over two and a half millennia ago.

And it was a win based on exactly the kind of pro-change platform and mood that had, until now, underpinned Renzi's popularity.

In his first reaction to Sunday's losses, Renzi made light of the setbacks, stressing big regional variations and arguing that the gains for M5S reflected a desire for change that his government shared.

"Those who won yesterday were those who knew best how to reflect this longing for change," he said.

The ruling council of his Democratic Party (PD) will hold an inquest into the result of the vote on Friday.

Analysts saw the outcome as worrying for the premier because the landmark victories were achieved by M5S securing the backing or the abstention of anti-Renzi forces encompassing the far-left, the far-right and the centre right.
The outsiders know that real change is more than just talk...

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