Thursday, July 28, 2016


They're not going quietly:
They’re operating in part under the Twitter hashtag #DemExit, one that Green Party candidate Jill Stein has deftly been using as she openly appeals to Sanders supporters to join her team outside the Philly convention arena.

“DNC wants your support for lying, undermining, and insulting you. They'll lock you out if you don't comply. #DemExit,” Stein tweeted.

Stein has proven to be a chief agitator, as Bernie Sanders himself rejoins the fold and urges Democrats to get behind Clinton’s campaign. Even the celebrities are split, with liberal Hollywood stalwarts like Susan Sarandon standing with the Sanders crowd this week.

Clinton is set to deliver her nomination acceptance speech Thursday night. Before she does, a group called Black Men for Bernie is hosting a de-registration event outside City Hall. From there, another #DemExit de-registration event is slated for mid-afternoon outside the Wells Fargo Arena, the convention site.
Maybe they're just following his lead...

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