Monday, August 08, 2016

Escape Plan

Ready for Plan B?
Nicholas Dirks, the school's chancellor, installed a $9,000 escape hatch in a hallway outside his office to "provide egress" if potential student protesters descend on the administration building, according to the campus newspaper, The Daily Californian.

The emergency exit -- built late last month -- was ordered in response to an April 2015 protest during which students stormed the chancellor’s suite and staged a sit-in outside his office, the paper reported. Students reportedly banged on desks and chanted loudly before being escorted out of the building, some in handcuffs.

Campus spokeswoman Claire Holmes confirmed construction of the door inside California Hall, telling the paper it was installed as a safety measure to "provide egress to leave the building."
The hatch for escaping the booby hatch...

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