Monday, August 08, 2016

Grandma Going Down?

What exactly is wrong with Hillary Clinton, anyway?
To begin with, Mrs. Clinton is almost 69 years old. She will be going into a high-stress, mentally and emotionally taxing job at a time when most seniors are either already retired or are about to retire. Much younger individuals have taken the job and emerged after a few years, gray-haired and haggard.

Then there are the coughing fits. Those are becoming all too regular when she speaks publicly. Is she really that congested, or is it a perpetual dry throat? It seems they could prepare for that.

Brandon’s earlier article pointed out what seems like some sort of seizure. Was it an actual seizure, or is she just goofy?

This past weekend, pictures began circulating on social media of another fall from February of this year.

Clinton defenders quickly blew off the questions over her health by insisting that she simply “slipped.”

That may be true. It may have been as simple as a slip, but the fact that an older woman slipped going up a short flight of stairs and had to be bodily hauled up those same stairs should be concerning.
It would be, if the media were actually concerned...

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