Wednesday, August 10, 2016


Robert Marmolejo, who is reported to have helped manage Crash Override’s social media accounts, allegedly used his position and connections to abuse around twenty women online. Ghostbusters producer Amy Pascal bought the rights to create a movie based on the Crash Override organization last year, after the media made Zoe Quinn’s battle with GamerGate into a national issue. However it is unknown as to whether the movie will still be produced.

Self-proclaimed pedophile, Sarah Nyberg was also active in Crash Override’s chat, according to logs that were released on the web earlier this week. Crash Override have not contested the legitimacy of the logs.

A former member of the group confirmed that the logs were accurate. They also confirmed that Marmolejo had a privileged position in the group.

“I don’t know whether he was [a social media manager] or who had access to social media accounts apart from Zoe and Alex [Lifschitz], but he definitely had privileged access to information and dox [personal information] of the women who came looking for help” said the source. “[Crash Override] operated a semi-anonymous chat channel as a sort of counselling room for people who needed advice. Members of CON would pop in under anonymous accounts to offer support.”
Who harasses the harassers?

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