Monday, December 12, 2016

A Comedy Of Safety

Safe spaces arrive at...Second City?
A taped message before Second City’s e.t.c. stage shows now tells audience members, “If you have to yell something like that, go home, shout it into your pillow and suffocate yourself with it.”

It’s not clear what Second City views as “hate speech,” (or whether the ban on such jokes extends to the troupe itself) but recent comments by its current owner, Andrew Alexander, seem to connect “hate speech” with Donald Trump. Alexander says that he “absolutely” believes that audiences have been growing “more obnoxious” over the last several years, and blames the change on “certain demographics on the Trump side.”

He says the “threatening” behavior is behind the recent departure of several cast members, one of whom said that Second City’s surrounding Old Town neighborhood, which is predominantly liberal, straight, white and upper middle class, is now rife with “a lot of racism.”
Politically correct comedy isn't pretty...

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