Thursday, December 22, 2016

Big Blue Money

Win or lose, Democrats still get paid:
More than 82 percent of $4.3 million in donations from nine major federal unions went to Democrats, Center for Responsive Politics data shows, reported Wednesday. Likewise, Democrats raked in 82 percent of $6.6 million in donations from employees of 11 federal agencies and Senate and House of Representatives staff. (RELATED: IRS Employees Fuel Democratic Candidates, Causes)

The American Federation of Government Employees — the biggest of the major civil service work unions — gave Democrats the largest amount, with nearly 1.8 million, representing almost 92 percent of their contributions. The National Treasury Employees Union gave Democrats the largest share with nearly 96 percent of its donations.

Another two federal employee unions – the National Association of Postal Supervisors and the National Postal Mail Handlers Union – also sent around 93 percent of their political donations to Democrats.
It's a good con if you can get it...

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