Friday, December 16, 2016

Both Sides Hacked

The Republicans got hit, too:
A source familiar with U.S. intelligence agencies’ investigation into the Russian hacking of the DNC computer system and Hillary Clinton campaign manager John Podesta’s private email account said the RNC was’t even aware until June — after the DNC had already announced its security was compromised — that hackers even attempted to breach its system.

After the DNC’s bombshell announcement, RNC officials contacted a privately owned security firm, which then notified the FBI, for fear that both major parties had fallen victim to cyberattacks.

While the hacking that led to the release of thousands of emails from DNC staffers and Podesta was originally intended to gather information from both sides, the Journal reported the attempt morphed into something appeared to be targeting Democrats more than Republicans.

“It would be naive [for Republicans] to think they weren’t targeted,” Michael Buratowski, senior vice president at Fidelis Cybersecurity, the private cybersecurity firm that determined Russian hackers were to blame for the DNC hacking, said.
And it would be naive for the Democrats to think that they were important enough to get hacked alone...

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