Saturday, December 24, 2016

Immoral Morality

How wealthy liberals hurt the poor:
The idea behind his thesis is this: The wealthy elite (some in Hollywood notwithstanding) tend to live in more traditional enclaves in intact families. They can afford to send their kids for the best education, and they even often map out their children's career paths in advance for them. Even as they profess tolerance, as well as the freedom that supposedly accompanies such attitudes, their lives are more or less conventional.

On the other hand, poor families catch wind of relaxed morality as it is preached through the culture, and they often follow suit, regardless of their circumstances or means. The young woman whose favorite actress or singer publicly declares that she doesn't need a husband or steady man to be a mom chooses to do so herself. The husband who hears that he should follow his heart over his responsibilities decides to abandon his family for another.
Bad examples and moral hypocrisy don't mix...

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