Wednesday, December 28, 2016

No Cult, Please

No cult for him:
Granma, the Cuban government’s official media agency, said the law bans the use of Castro’s name “to designate institutions, plazas, parks, avenues, streets and other public places, as well as any type of decoration, recognition or honorary title.”

The law also bans using his likeness “to erect monuments, busts, statues, commemorative strips and other similar forms of homage.”

The National Assembly passed the prohibition on Tuesday citing 1959’s Law No. 174, which bans monuments, statues and busts honoring national personalities. Castro died late November.

Castro’s name could be used in the future to establish institutions that will study Castro’s “invaluable trajectory in the history of the nation.”

Cuba’s industrial sector is also banned from using Castro’s name and likeness on commercial merchandise but Cuban artists “inspired by Fidel” will be allowed to use him in arts including music, literature, dance and cinema.
How can you be a good dictator without one?

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