Monday, December 19, 2016

On The Books

What do you do, with a really overdue book?
Ms. Roston, a Brooklyn native, checked out the book when she was 15. At the time she was a sales audit clerk at Macy’s, making $1 an hour.

Since then, she has lived in Massachusetts and Illinois, was married (her first wedding dance was to “Tara’s Theme” from the film version of “Gone With the Wind”), raised four children and got divorced. All the while, the book had been with her.

Until that Saturday this month, when she returned it.

Ms. Roston is hardly the first New Yorker to have a really, really overdue book. In 2013, a guide to divorce was returned to the New York Public Library 36 years late. That same year, the New York library system received a copy of “The Fire of Francis Xavier,” which had been checked out in 1958.
Better late than never...

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