Saturday, December 17, 2016

Pyramid People

What do you do, with an abandoned pyramid?
After 40 years of neglect, the site was auctioned off by the government in 2012. It was purchased by a religious sect called the Hutterites—who are currently in a standoff with Nekoma’s county government, and think they would provide better stewardship for the property. As Fusion‘s Elmo Keep notes, “the Hutterites haven’t done anything with it except plant a few crops of soybeans and alfalfa at the land’s perimeter,” and the pyramid’s interior is riddled with safety hazards.
The Hutterites plan to live and eventually farm on the property, but they’ve also offered to sell it to the county for $3.5 million; that figure is well over what they paid for it, and arguably more than the site is currently worth. This seeming disregard for the pyramid, and its place in Nekoma, has proven to be a huge sticking point between the Hutterites and the county.
Hippies and Cold War artifacts don't mix...

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